Wesley's Peer Tutoring Program


It's time to get the ball running on peer tutoring. As Trimester 2 begins, we are going to ramp up fast. Peer Tutoring takes place after school from 3:30-4pm Monday-Thursday with each partnership meeting once a week. It's important for the middle school students to have an opportunity to lead, and it's important for the lower school students to have a space to hear and learn from their seasoned peers. This program will open so many doors for every student. We encourage EVERYONE to sign up. Samantha Garrison, our 5th Grade Humanities Teacher, and Kevin Greene, one of our 3rd Grade teachers, will be assembling peer tutoring teams based on their experiences with all of the students. They will then continue to work with each of the partnerships throughout Trimesters two and three. It is sure to be a successful experience! Our goal is to keep teams consistent for the remainder of the year.

To sign up your 1st-5th grade student, please fill out the form HERE.

6th-8th Graders, to sign up to become a peer tutor, please fill out the form HERE.

Feel free to contact our Peer Tutoring Coordinators, Samantha Garrison and/or Kevin Greene for additional information.