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Party Book FAQ

What is a Wesley Party Book Party?
A Party Book Party is an event hosted by a Wesley parent or group of parents. Those parents are responsible for the planning/funding of the event. Wesley sells tickets to the event and the proceeds go directly to the Parents' Association (and your contribution is tax deductible!). Hosted parties are all about meeting other parents and families, raising funds for Wesley, and, above all else, having FUN!

Who can host a party?
ANY Wesley parent or group of parents!

Is there a specific timeframe during which hosted parties should be scheduled?
We are setting up the calendar for 2023-24 now. Parties can be anytime!

I am interested in hosting a party – what do I do?
Contact the Party Book Chairs Mariah Leavitt & Lauren Brandenstein. We are happy to discuss any party ideas you have or give you some suggestions.

I would like to host a party, but it feels like a big commitment of time/money – can I get some help?
Absolutely! You can recruit other parents to serve as co-hosts or just let us know and we will try to help out finding co-hosts!

How do I attend one of these amazing parties?
You can sign up for parties as they become available through the Parent Portal. Or follow the links below!

Can anyone attend a Wesley hosted party?
You don’t need to be a Wesley family to attend a Wesley party so spread the word!

Are the parties for parents or kids?
Parties can be parents only, kid-centric, or fun for the whole family!

Let's get this party started!!

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