Parents' Association

The Wesley School Parents’ Association (PA) plays a key role in our school’s life and  represents every family at Wesley. We work closely with the Administration, Board of Trustees, and Development by holding activities and events that enhance our school environment.

Our goal is to try to keep our community as connected as possible by offering activities and events for our families. We encourage parent volunteering at what level you are able to give. Whether it’s 30 minutes or several days throughout the year, your participation not only  allows the PA to execute events, but most importantly, it allows you first hand to get to know the Wesley community. 

Our PA meetings allow the Head of School, Admissions Director, Division Heads, Committee Chairs, and Parent’s to give updates on current topics and upcoming events. Parents also use this meeting time to raise issues, discuss ideas, and connect with each other. While holding these virtually, we will ask the parents ahead of time to submit questions via email that you would like addressed during the meeting.

Parents' Association Committees
This is a new year of navigating for all of us. In the past, we have had over 25 committees that would facilitate activities on and off campus. Some of these events have been a Wesley tradition since the very beginning, while others are new. While we are distance learning, we are getting creative and to recreate some of these beloved events. We are also working hard and creating new opportunities to make sure we still feel connected as a community, even though we are a part. Check out all our events and the full list of committees.

We are in this together and your voice matters. We want to hear from you, if you have any suggestions or want to be more involved we encourage you to email Jenny and Marissa at!

Jenny Hollier
PA President

Marissa Seeman
PA Vice President

Parents' Association Mission Statement

The Wesley School Parents' Association, which consists of all current parents, actively works toward furthering the School's commitment to family, inclusivity, and community. In order to achieve this goal, the Parents' Association, under the guidance of the School, and with the support of the administration, plans and implements programs and activities for the students, parents, and faculty alike. These various programs and activities enhance the connection among all the members of the school community, as well as often, raise funds on behalf of the School.