Parents' Association

The Wesley School Parents’ Association (PA) plays a vital and integral role in our school’s daily life. This body — composed of every family at Wesley — provides support to the administration and Board of Trustees by holding activities and events that enhance our school environment.

Because our PA is so active, every Wesley parent is encouraged to jump in and put his or her talents to work. Lots of volunteers are what keep the PA running and help it to thrive. It allows parents to experience, first-hand, the family feeling that makes Wesley so special.

Monthly PA meetings provide a forum for parents to stay involved and informed. At each meeting, our Head of School, Admissions Director, and Division Heads join us to share important information about what's going on at the administrative level. In addition, Parents' Association co-chairs and committee chairs fill in attendees on current topics and upcoming events. Parents also use this meeting time to raise issues, discuss ideas, and connect with each other.

Parents' Association Committees
There are over twenty-five active committees that operate under the umbrella of the Parents' Association. They range in scope from Family Day Picnic to Holiday Boutique, Community Service to Shop Wesley Kids, and Generations Day to Hospitality. All parents are strongly encouraged to become involved with at least one committee. Everyone is welcome. Click here to view a full list of committees.

If you are still interested in signing up for a PA committee for the 2019-20 school year, please email Jennica and Jenny at!

Jennica Waldman
PA President

Jenny Hollier
PA Vice President

Parents' Association Mission Statement

The Wesley School Parents' Association, which consists of all current parents, actively works toward furthering the School's commitment to family, inclusivity, and community. In order to achieve this goal, the Parents' Association, under the guidance of the School, and with the support of the administration, plans and implements programs and activities for the students, parents, and faculty alike. These various programs and activities enhance the connection among all the members of the school community, as well as often, raise funds on behalf of the School.