At The Wesley School we understand the significant benefits of having a diverse and inclusive school. Not only do we pride ourselves on being a diverse community, but also a multicultural one. As an independent school and an educational institution, we are ethically bound to reach all of our students and help them strive for academic excellence; that’s what diversity helps to achieve.

CODI, our Community of Diversity and Inclusivity is a board-level committee. The Wesley School is committed to diversity because, as a whole, all students benefit from the knowledge and experiences that a diverse community provides. Diversity is vital for the success of independent schools such as ours, and Wesley follows the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) view in regards to “why” diversity matters:

  • Diversity prepares our students to thrive in a global multicultural community and encourages academic excellence for all students.
  • Diversity helps teachers be more effective by adopting strategies that help support students’ uniqueness.
  • Independent schools benefit from diversity because it helps them prepare today’s young students to seize the world stage of tomorrow.

At The Wesley School we value and nurture diversity. We focus on being multicultural through events and programs that support diversity and inclusivity, which helps our school grow and develop. CODI focuses on ways to promote and cultivate diversity within our community!

mission statement

CODI (Community of Diversity & Inclusivity) values, understands, appreciates, respects, and celebrates the many differences among us, including:

  • The languages we speak
  • The religions we practice
  • The range of our socio-economic status
  • Our racial and ethnic heritages and traditions
  • The sexual orientation of each of our community members
  • Our affiliations and convictions
  • The composition of our family structures
  • The ages and generations we represent
  • The many hues in the colors of our skin
  • The variety of our physical attributes and abilities
  • The differences in our learning styles and strengths

We recognize that this range of diversity—and the celebration and acceptance of our differences—creates an environment in which each of us may achieve academic and personal success. We believe that it is the responsibility of us all to foster respect for the dignity of each person within our community.


To contact the CODI Leadership, please email 

DEIJ Coordinator- Traci Allen

CODI Co-Chairs- Thordis Howard and Melanie Elliott

Wesley Connections Coordinator- Amy Stewart-DiBianca

CODI Secretary- Chris Lindsay