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8th Grade Class Fundraiser: Pancake Breakfast


Pancake Breakfast: An 8th Grade Class Fundraiser!
Raising money for a parting gift for the school that has been like family.

Hello! We are the 8th grade class at Wesley, graduating in just a few months. Some of us have been at Wesley for 9 years. Some of us came just this year. One way or another, Wesley has embraced us and taught us how to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. We have loved our teachers, the staff, and the time that we have spent at The Wesley School.

As part of our graduation ceremony in June, we would like to present the school with a gift. Would you kindly help us to reach that goal and donate to our fundraiser?

As a thank you for donating $15 or more per person, you may attend our pancake breakfast! This is a student-run event to show our family and friends how much we appreciate their support and to celebrate our time at Wesley together.

Register below by Monday, April 29th to attend!

A Note on the 8th grade Class Fundraiser: Traditionally, the 8th grade class works throughout the year to raise funds to then donate back to Wesley and FUMC at their graduation. This gift is rooted in the class' desire to leave their mark and legacy to Wesley (and the church) and show their gratitude for their educational community. Help them to showcase their gratitude and leave their mark!

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