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LEAP - Lions Extended After-school Program

LEAP Information

Join us for LEAP, Wesley's unique, fun and flexible after-school care program! Our staff is comprised of a small group of caring Wesley adults whom your child may recognize from the classroom, the turf field, the picnic tables, and everywhere in between! LEAP is available almost every day after school from dismissal until 6:00pm. You are free to pick up your child any time before 6:00pm; there is no minimum amount of time that they must remain in LEAP.

You may choose to sign your child up for an entire year of LEAP here or use our Drop-In LEAP Form here to sign up your child by 3pm on any school day. You must sign up for the full year by September 30th.

Children in LEAP create friendships with students from other grades that they carry with them throughout their Wesley careers! Additionally, LEAP kids learn valuable life lessons about sharing, personal responsibility, and loving communication.

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance. For that reason, please take note of the following safety rules and procedures:

Every student must sign in and out with the LEAP staff. We must know which students are on campus after school and their locations at all times.

Please ensure that any adult picking up your child/children brings a photo I.D. to campus until security staff is familiar with them. If someone other than a person listed on your child's release form is picking them up, you must email and/or call the main office to give verbal permission. We take our responsibility to protect your child seriously.

Security is on premises until 6:00pm. A late fee will be charged if your child is picked up after 6:00pm.

On those rare rainy or cold days, LEAP will take place indoors.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions! The LEAP cell number is (818) 877-5717 and you can reach Sharon Zarate at

Sharon Zarate
Director of LEAP
(818) 877-5717