After School Clubs

Computer Science (CS) Club (1st-6th Grades)

After attending a Google for Education Summit a few years ago, Ms. Arévalo and Ms. O'Callaghan decided to start a computer science (CS) club a few years ago.  However, they didn't have much CS knowledge, so they were delighted when Ms. Christa Starr (mother of Emma, 2nd grade) volunteered to teach.  She has a degree in Computer Science and Media Studies from MIT and loves to get kids excited about programming.  They meet every Wednesday after school from 3:30-4:30pm in the Middle School Spanish room.  Younger children work in Scratch and older children are taught Python.  No previous experience is required, just an interest to learn!  Please email Ms. Arévalo or Ms. O'Callaghan if you are interested in signing your child up.