Wesley PRIDE Philosophy
In accordance with both state law and CAIS best schools practices, The Wesley School embraces the learning expectation that our students will “develop respect for themselves and others, and take responsibility for their own actions and appreciate diversity.” To this end, the People Respecting Individuality, Diversity, and Equity (PRIDE) curriculum was established. We strive to help students develop the tools needed to appreciate differences and acquire appropriate self-esteem and character strengths by modeling these behaviors. Beyond individual growth, we are committed to providing our children with a school environment free from harassment, discrimination, and violence.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Lions’ PRIDE program is to provide character education for all children that is developmentally appropriate, sustains a partnership between school and families, and is integrated across the curriculum and grade levels.

The program maintains a healthy school environment, promotes respectful relationships among students, and celebrates individuality, while encouraging positive interactions and conflict-resolution strategies.

Read for Character Corner!
Character Corner is so much more than a story! It is an opportunity for students to learn important life lessons and about themselves and others. Signing up to read for Character Corner gives you a chance to see the PRIDE program in action and be a part of it. Each reading session opens with a short mindfulness moment. Once the story is read, the group will take some time to reflect and discuss the characters, their actions, and the outcome. Books are great tools for character education because they provide a safe space for honest conversations. Children are encouraged to relate the story to their life and share their thoughts and experiences. Sign up here!