At The Wesley School we understand the significant benefits of having a diverse and inclusive school. Not only do we pride ourselves on being a diverse community, but also a multicultural one. As an independent school and an educational institution, we are ethically bound to reach all of our students and help them strive for academic excellence; that’s what diversity helps to achieve.

CODI, our Community of Diversity and Inclusivity, is a board-level committee, and our character development program, PRIDE, People Respecting Individuality, Diversity, and Equity is overseen by our faculty and staff. The Wesley School is committed to diversity because, as a whole, all students benefit from the knowledge and experiences that a diverse community provides. Diversity is vital for the success of independent schools such as ours, and Wesley follows the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) view in regards to “why” diversity matters:

  • Diversity prepares our students to thrive in a global multicultural community and encourages academic excellence for all students.
  • Diversity helps teachers be more effective by adopting strategies that help support students’ uniqueness.
  • Independent schools benefit from diversity because it helps them prepare today’s young students to seize the world stage of tomorrow.

At The Wesley School we value and nurture diversity. We focus on being multicultural through events and programs that support diversity and inclusivity, which helps our school grow and develop. CODI focuses on ways to promote and cultivate diversity within our community, while our PRIDE program promotes respectful relationships among students, and celebrates individuality, while encouraging positive interactions and conflict resolution strategies.

Equity & Justice

What is it and why is it important for The Wesley School?

It is not enough to enroll diverse families and students at The Wesley School and call ourselves a diverse and inclusive community. Part of having diversity and inclusivity is to ensure all our community members feel welcome, safe, and accepted regardless of their age, ethnicity, family makeup, gender, learning style, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. As an independent school that adheres to the National Association of Independent School standards, we are accountable for respecting, affirming, and protecting the dignity and worth of each member of our community. This means we must set policies and procedures in place to ensure all community members are treated with equality and fairness. The Wesley School makes every effort in assessing our schools’ culture and supports diversity in every aspect including, but not limited to admissions, hiring, retention, financial aid, and curriculum development.