Anti-Bias Education

The Wesley School is committed to enriching its commitments to anti-bias pedagogy throughout the school: helping children to learn more about the multiple aspects of their identity, to communicate and collaborate while honoring those differences in background and perspective, and to engage as active citizens in our school community and the world. One of the tools we've adopted are the Social Justice Standards which were developed by experts in conjunction with Teaching Tolerance. The Social Justice Standards outline developmentally appropriate student learning goals across the grade levels in the areas of identity, diversity, justice, and action. All of our teachers are evaluating their curricula using this framework as an organizer, in order to take stock of our current practices in these areas, to collect helpful resources and share promising practices, and to identify goals for continued growth.

In conjunction with this effort, teachers are engaging in regular meetings and a variety of professional development activities to advance their own identity development, cultural proficiency, and professional practice to support their work with children in the months and years to come.



Teachers in kindergarten through fifth grade spent quality time looking at the first domain of the anti-bias framework, "identity". Students explored their own identity in depth from their visual identity to, their internal identity, and their gender identity. Students took pride in who they are, which is so important to their confidence and well being.