School Events

the annual multi-cultural potluck

Every year, as a community, we take time out to celebrate the different cultures that we represent. The North Hollywood Methodist Church, The Wesley School, and family and friends, come together to share food from their family, heritage, or traditions for an evening we call the Multi-Cultural Potluck. Volunteers create a centerpiece for each table that shares an aspect of diversity as a learning opportunity and to spark great conversation. Guests also enjoy live entertainment as well as a presentation of a student writing contest, which tackles subjects connected to diversity, respect, and/or identity. It's a fun and inclusive evening for all!

Wesley Connections

Wesley Connections is a newly established resource group at The Wesley School. Wesley Connections allows those in the Wesley community, who wish to connect with others, an opportunity to connect based on cultural and social similarities. The purpose and goal of Wesley Connections is to enhance your experience at Wesley. There may be people you share social similarities with but don't know them because they have children in different grades. Wesley Connections can be a bridge to meeting new people. Learn more HERE.