Private School Village Membership


The Wesley School became a member school of Private School Village (PSV) just before the shutdown in March and is eager for our community to become more active as PSV has been working to create online opportunities and more.

What is Private School Village (PSV):

  • The Mission of PSV: The Private School Village builds community by organizing social events, sharing resources, and providing programs for Black/African-American families in independent schools (K-12).
  • The Vision of PSV: We build local communities that provide support and empower Black/African American students in private school so that they realize their maximum potential.

If anyone in your family identifies as Black/African-American, if you are a teacher or staff member at Wesley who identifies as Black/African-American, or if you are interested in meeting other Black/African-American families in other private and independent schools to increase opportunities for racial socialization and to build community, then please click HERE to fill out a short form. Melanie Elliott, CODI Co-Chair and PSV Ambassador (Mom to MJ, 5th grade) will then send you an introductory email with all the details you need to know about Private School Village. Feel free to check out their website, and please submit the form by July 31.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Melanie.