CODI In the Classroom

Kindergarten is learning about identity. Who are you? How are you alike and different from others?

Here are the five pieces of identity that Kindergarten is focused on:
1. I know and like who I am and can talk about my family and myself and name some of my group identities and describe our various group identities.
2. I can talk about interesting and healthy ways that some people who share my group identities live their lives.
3. I know that all my group identities are part of me — but that I am always ALL me.
4. I can feel good about myself without being mean or making other people feel bad.
5. I see that the way my family and I do things is both the same as and different from how other people do things, and I am interested in both.

These five pieces are addressed and explored in activities in the classroom like the "sharing can," surprise readers, Character Corner, guided meditations, "star of the week," morning community circles, and daily intentions. School-wide celebrations and holidays like Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, December holidays/traditions, and Thanksgiving also provide opportunities for students to think about themselves, their families, traditions they practice throughout the year, and to be exposed to the identities and practices of others.

The study of identity is part of our implementation of the Anti-Bias Framework presented by Teaching Tolerance.