CODI In Action

CODI provides guidance and support in several areas of school life to enhance multicultural learning for teachers/staff, students and parents, including:

Teacher and Staff Professional Development
Teachers and Administrators participate in on-going professional development throughout the year and over the summer.
- POCC (People of Color Conference)
- Conversations about Gender Diversity and Inclusion at our Schools (Wildwood Outreach)
- Never Too Young:Elementary Age Social Activism (Wildwood Outreach)

Many of our Community presentations are centered around diversity and social justice:
- Jewish Holidays
- Hispanic Heritage
- Black History Month
- Chinese New Year
- No Name Calling Week
- National Day of Silence
- International Day of Peace

School Events
CODI organizes and 'sponsors' events throughout the year that promote multicultural awareness or celebrate diversity in some fashion:
- Multi-cultural Potluck
- Generations Day
- Chataquas
- Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibit

Panel and Speaker Series
- Middle School Panel Discussions (once a trimester on a wide variety of topics)
- Guest Speaker Night (for Parents)

Student Support
Conversations about identity, inclusion, and diversity happen every day in our classrooms and particularly in the following ways:
- Community Circle (Lower School)
- Advisory (Middle School)

AIM Survey
In 2015, Wesley participated in NAIS' AIM (Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism) Survey. The final results will be available soon.

Service Learning
Service Learning is an important part of our school culture. It facilitates student learning in and out of the classroom by encouraging and allowing our children to address real needs in the community. Students connect their educational experiences to life beyond the school environment by using their developing skills to undertake activities that include raising money and awareness, championing causes, and volunteering. They learn first-hand the value of social responsibility and citizenship. Some organizations/causes that we support that foster a greater sense of inclusion, diversity or multiculturalism:
- Corazon de Vida
- North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry (Can Drive, Toy Drive, PB&J Sandwich Drive)
- Shane's Inspiration