CODI Cooking Series

Everyone at Wesley is part of the Community of Diversity & Inclusivity (CODI). We wanted to take a moment to honor and acknowledge that each of us adds a unique ingredient which makes our school so incredibly special. Thank you for the wonderful and vital ingredient you add to the Wesley community, and please join us for our CODI Cooking Series Events!

  • Thursday, December 17 at 6pm: Mexican Tamales (hosted by The Meyer Family)
  • Thursday, January 28 at 6pm: Jamaican-Inspired (hosted by The Bennett/Pinnock Family)
  • Thursday, February 25 at 6pm: Indian-Inspired (hosted by The Larson Family)
  • Thursday, March 25 at 6pm: Italian-Inspired (hosted by The Godi/Buckley Family)
  • Tuesday, April 27 at 6:30pm: Asian Pacific Islander-Inspired (hosted by The Lim Family)

Each event will have a suggested donation amount inclusive of your meal "kit," some fun add-on items (think kid & adult beverages!), recipes, and more! All "kits" will be built and ready for pick-up at school on the day of, and our cooking "classes" will take place over Zoom. Get your family involved in a night of cooking and cultural awareness.

Sign up online below leading up to each event!