mission statement

CODI (Community of Diversity & Inclusivity) values, understands, appreciates, respects, and celebrates the many differences among us, including:

  • The languages we speak
  • The religions we practice
  • The range of our socio-economic status
  • Our racial and ethnic heritages and traditions
  • The sexual orientation of each of our community members
  • Our affiliations and convictions
  • The composition of our family structures
  • The ages and generations we represent
  • The many hues in the colors of our skin
  • The variety of our physical attributes and abilities
  • The differences in our learning styles and strengths

We recognize that this range of diversity—and the celebration and acceptance of our differences—creates an environment in which each of us may achieve academic and personal success. We believe that it is the responsibility of us all to foster respect for the dignity of each person within our community.

CODI is the community arm of PRIDE (People Respecting Individuality, Diversity, & Equity) and is responsible for supporting the school's commitment to diversity and inclusivity through sponsoring school-wide events, providing resources for parents and community members, and encouraging deeper conversation at the administrative level, amongst teachers, and inside classrooms.

2018-2019 goals

Our goals for the 2018-2019 school year include the following:

  • Our staff and faculty will participate in many professional development opportunities around the anti-bias framework created by Teaching Tolerance and will integrate their learning into tangible, age-appropriate curricular goals for their students and advisees.
  • We will also develop opportunities for parents to be both students and educators through our Speaker Series.
  • As a committee, CODI will promote the work we do and find new ways to reach out to parents and community members about participating.
  • CODI will host memorable and meaningful events that breed awareness and appreciation about the multiplicity of identities in and out of our Wesley community.
  • CODI will always teach love, kindness, and respect for everyone in the community.
the annual multi-cultural potluck

Every year, as a community, we take time out to celebrate the different cultures that we represent. The North Hollywood Methodist Church, The Wesley School, and family and friends, come together to share food from their family, heritage, or traditions for an evening we call the Multi-Cultural Potluck. Volunteers create a centerpiece for each table that shares an aspect of diversity as a learning opportunity and to spark great conversation. Guests also enjoy live entertainment as well as a presentation of a student writing contest, which tackles subjects connected to diversity, respect, and/or identity. It's a fun and inclusive evening for all!