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Tuition & Fees


Kindergarten through 5th Grade* $36,210
6th through 8th Grade* $40,450

New Student Fee, K-6th Grade
New Student Fee, 7th Grade (includes additional overnight trip fees)
New Student Fee, 8th Grade (includes additional overnight trip fees)


*Tuition includes all day field trips, as well as extended field trips, books, 1:1 devices, and most classroom supplies.

In addition, families should plan for an annual tuition increase dependent on the needs of the school program.

A non-refundable annual registration deposit of approximately 10% of tuition is due upon execution of the enrollment agreement. (Applies towards tuition.)

Tuition Payment Options
Three payment options are available:

  • Full payment of tuition due June 1.
  • Two payments due June 1 and December 1 with a $275 carrying charge.
  • Eleven monthly payments starting in June with a $575 carrying charge and a $49 set-up fee to participate in the monthly payment program.

All fees listed above, which are in addition to tuition, are rolled into the payment option you choose.

Lions Extended After-school Program (LEAP)
Aftercare is available from 7:30-8:00am and 3:00-6:00pm. The program cost is $1,500 for one child, $1,700 for two children, and $1,900 for three children for unlimited use for the school year. Drop-in rates are also available.

After-School Athletics and Enrichment Programs
These programs are not covered by tuition. Additional fees apply.

  • After-school athletic fees are based on costs for coaches’ salaries, officials’ fees, league fees, and away game transportation. Each season, the fee is $250 per sport.
  • Enrichment class fees and schedules vary and are made available each trimester by the teachers of these classes. Class fees typically range between $200-$400 depending on the class.

Hot Lunch
A nutritious hot lunch menu, prepared by our in-house chef, is available throughout the year. Prices vary based on packages and sign-up date. Some students sign up for the whole year ($1483) or pick and choose their hot lunch days on a daily/weekly/monthly basis ($8.95 per lunch). See below for a sample lunch menu!