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Please read the information below to better understand our financial aid policy and to understand the application process. To begin the application process, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the FAST icon that says, "click here."

The Wesley School has always placed a very high priority on being a place where an independent school education should be available to as many young people as possible, regardless of their financial situation. It is a part of our mission and philosophy to provide a Wesley education to a diverse community of students in order to enrich the learning environment for all of our students. To demonstrate our commitment to socio-economic diversity, we have allocated a full 13% of our operating revenue to financial aid.

The Wesley School's Financial Aid program provides financial assistance to the families of qualified students who have demonstrated financial need. What does that mean? The School believes that parents have an obligation to pay the educational expenses of their children. Therefore, every family is expected to have explored all financing avenues available to them before a grant is awarded by the School. This includes, but is not limited to, second mortgages, retirement funds, savings accounts, funds from extended family members, and bank loans. All Wesley families pay some tuition. Please refer to our Understanding Where Financial Aid Comes From and How It's Determined page for a more detailed explanation.

In order for us to allocate our resources wisely and fairly, The Wesley school utilizes the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) system, an independent service provided by Independent School Management (ISM). This service helps independent schools across the country determine the need of a family. In reviewing each application for aid, the Financial Aid Committee considers both the FAST recommendation and all other additional financial information the family is asked to provide, including the family's other children, additional dependents, all sources of income, priority of spending, debts, and expenses.

It is very important that families who decide to pursue an application for financial aid adhere to all deadlines and requirements without exception. Please refer to our Procedures and Timelines page to ensure you meet all of the application requirements. The Financial Aid Committee has a set budget of funds from which to grant awards. Families wishing to be considered should never assume there will be funds “left over” for late applicants after the Committee has met and made grant decisions.

All information submitted is kept in the strictest confidence.

Financial aid is awarded with priority given to returning students whose applications and required documentation are submitted by the appropriate deadlines.

Tuition accounts for currently enrolled students must be in good standing with the Business Office to receive a financial aid award. All families are required to meet payment schedules under the terms of the enrollment agreement. Failure to do so may result in dismissal.

Once a family has all children enrolled in kindergarten and above, it is expected that both parents will be employed. If one parent chooses not to work, then income will be imputed to that parent for the purposes of award calculation.

Awards will not be considered unless complete financial information is received from both parents. In the case of parents separated, divorced, or never married, both parents are required to fully complete the financial aid application. It is expected that both parents and appropriate step-parents contribute to the cost of the student's tuition and fees regardless of legal agreements. The Financial Aid Committee does not feel bound by the assertion that one parent disclaims responsibility for educational expenses.

Families must reapply for financial aid every year. Receipt of an award for one year does not guarantee receipt of an award for every year forward. If continuing need is demonstrated, the School prioritizes returning families when making financial awards.

In the event of a positive change in financial circumstances, families receiving aid must notify the Business Office for the purpose of recalculation.

Returning families who have applied for financial aid and meet all the required deadlines will receive notification of the Financial Aid Committee's decision by March 6, 2019. New families, who have applied for financial aid and meet all the required deadlines, will receive notification of the Financial Aid Committee's decision with their admission letters of acceptance mailed March 15, 2019.

Covered Expenses
Financial aid at The Wesley School does not cover all expenses a family may incur during the course of the school year. Financial aid provides an award, which is applied against tuition and mandatory costs, as outlined below:

Tuition, Tuition Insurance, and Tuition Carrying Charge

New Student Fee

Tuition includes the cost of all field trips, both day trips and extended overnight trips, plus all books in the middle school, so there are no additional charges for them.

For families receiving a financial aid award of greater than 60% of tuition and fees as outlined above, discounts are offered for participation in after school daycare, after school athletics, student dances, the parent gala dinner dance, and the all school family picnic. These are arranged through the financial aid office.

If you have any questions that we haven't answered here, please feel free to contact Verena Denove, Director of Financial Aid, at the School's admissions office at 818-508-4717.

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