How many openings will you have in each grade?

Our key entrance years are kindergarten and 6th grade. We have 32 openings for kindergarten, approximately 6-8 for 6th grade, and 3-5 for 7th grade. Openings in 1st-5th grade vary between one and four depending on enrollment changes, and openings in 8th grade are rare.

How many applications do you receive?

The number varies from year to year, but we usually anticipate three applications for each opening in kindergarten and four applications for each opening in 6th and 7th grade.

Will you accept late applications?

Yes, late applications are sometimes accepted. Depending on how many applications are received for that grade level, an application will be considered for acceptance or for a waitlist position. We do, however, strongly encourage getting applications in on time.

What is your application deadline?

The deadline is January 17, 2020.

What is the evaluation process for kindergarten applicants?

After the application and fee for a prospective kindergartener have been received, parents will be contacted by the admissions office to schedule the first group visit for your child(ren). The first visit will last about 45 minutes long, and includes both a child/parent activity, as well as separate activities for each. These groups include ten applicants, and are usually scheduled from November through January. It is not a “test,” nor is it meant to intimidate the children. Most children don’t want to leave when it's time to go. All applicants are asked to come for a second visit in larger groups. These are scheduled in February. Children spend an hour in our kindergarten classroom and are involved in a variety of activities, akin to what they’ve been doing in their preschools. Having the children visit Wesley twice gives us a much better opportunity to get to know each child and to determine, as best we can, whether the program here at Wesley is a good fit for the child and their family.

What kind of testing is required for students entering 1st-8th grade?

Students applying to 1st-5th grade will be contacted by the admissions Office as their application is received to schedule a partial visit day for their child. They will meet with the teacher of the grade that they are in currently, and 1st-4th grade applicants will complete assessments in math, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and writing. Children applying to 5th through 8th grade are required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Please scroll to the bottom of the Admission Events page in this section of the website for testing dates and sign-up procedures. You can visit www.erbtest.org for the information as well.

How much emphasis is given to testing?

Testing is one component of the admissions process. The Wesley School also places value on past school performance, indicated through report cards and teacher recommendations provided from a student's current school. Time spent with both the applicant students and their parents helps round out the information we use to determine whether or not our school will be a good match for each child. We look for students with a variety of backgrounds, who will contribute to the school community in many ways and who can keep up with our academic curriculum.

Do applicants have an opportunity to visit during the school day?

All kindergarten applicants visit the school for two group assessments. Applicants to 1st through 5th grade are asked to visit for a partial day, and applicants to 6th through 8th grade come for full shadow day, complete with an ice-breaker and teacher guided activity.

Do you ask parents to come for an interview?

Yes. The admissions office will call to make an appointment for the parent interview once the application has been received.

How are admission decisions finalized, and when are families notified?

Once an applicant’s file is complete, the file is reviewed by members of the admissions committee. If there are more qualified applicants than spaces available, the committee will determine which applicants will receive contract offers and which will be placed on the waitlist, pending possible openings. Decision letters for all applicants will be mailed March 13, 2020.

How much diversity is there at The Wesley School?

We are very proud of our growth in diversity among both the student body and the faculty since our founding in 1999. The entire school community is enriched by the myriad of diversity within it. We place great value and emphasis on being a community where all are valued.

Diversity here encompasses so much—religion, race, culture, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, family make-up, ability, and class. Not everything can be measured in statistics, but for those who want a number, more than 45% of our student body self-identifies as a person of color. It is an ongoing goal of the School, supported by the Board of Trustees, to continue to develop a community that celebrates diversity of all types.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, Wesley's financial aid program is designed to make a Wesley education a viable option for students who might otherwise not be able to attend. Approximately 13% of the school's operating budget is awarded as financial aid, resulting in 25% of our students receiving assistance. All financial aid awards are given based on need as determined by the financial aid committee with assistance provided by the reports from Independent School Management's FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) system. Every year there are more applications for aid than available funds. While the budget cannot accommodate everyone's needs, all interested families are encouraged to apply and the school does its best to help as many families as possible. All decisions on financial aid are made separate from admission decisions. Meeting all financial aid filing deadlines is critical to being eligible for an award.

What arrangements do you have for before and after school care?

Wesley's daycare program known as LEAP, Lions Extended After-school Program, is available mornings from 7:30 to 8:00am and after school until 6:00pm daily. There are a few exceptions during the school year when LEAP is not available. Those days are clearly indicated on the school calendar. The cost of participation in LEAP is a great value at $1,500 for unlimited use the entire school year. It includes well supervised play, as well as attendance in study hall Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 4:30pm. Sibling discounts and daily drop in rates are available.

Do you have a hot lunch program?

Yes, Wesley's executive chefs are committed to providing menus with kid appeal while using the healthy ingredients you would expect. The hot lunch program features organic ingredients whenever possible, is prepared fresh on our campus, and includes one to two entrée choices, side dishes, water, and full salad bar daily. We continue to promote a "green" approach wherever possible. Offered Monday through Friday, the hot lunch program is a great time saver for parents, while providing healthy and delicious meals for our children.

What are the school day hours?

School starts every morning at 8:15am for all grades. Lower school students are dismissed at 3:00pm and middle school students at 3:15pm. Typically one Tuesday per month, students have early dismissal so that the entire faculty and staff can meet together to work collaboratively on curriculum and other school-wide initiatives. LEAP is still available on early dismissal days until 6:00pm.