mission statement

The Wesley School purposefully integrates technology to deepen learning, enrich teaching, and enhance communication throughout the school community. Our efforts are inspired by the foundational components of the School’s mission: academic excellence and character development in the circle of family.


Technology is not merely used by students to consume information, but as a tool to create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically about information. We utilize technology as a means to enhance student learning and self-expression, and as a catalyst for innovation and problem solving. Technology expands teachers’ support of student learning and deepens students’ engagement in it. Ongoing comprehensive professional development sustains teachers’ capacity to integrate technology with challenging, interdisciplinary curricula that address the specific needs, developmental levels, and learning styles of all students.


Digital citizenship and information literacy are integral to the ethical and responsible use of technology: students learn to leverage the myriad benefits of technology while mindfully navigating it safely and responsibly. We strive to maintain a healthy balance between using technology to enrich student learning and recognizing the social and emotional priorities of children’s development -- giving special attention to the developmental challenges of digital communication tools, and the long term implications of a student’s online footprint.


The extensive communication capabilities afforded by digital tools strengthen human connections throughout our school community. We emphasize equity in access to technology, exposing every student to real world applications and linking to the world beyond our campus. We seek opportunities through technology for our students to engage as global citizens -- committed to the health and prosperity of the school, our community, and the world.

These commitments are the criteria by which the Wesley School assesses the relevance of emerging technologies and trends in the educational landscape, as well as the development and impact of ongoing initiatives. The Wesley School is committed to providing the resources, leadership, and support that will sustain these commitments well into the future.

what's new: google expeditions

Imagine visiting the bottom of the sea or the surface of Mars before lunch!

Last year, Wesley took part in Expeditions: a new product from Google that allows teachers to take their classes on virtual field trips, immersing students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom. Expeditions is a virtual reality platform built for the classroom. The Pioneer Program is visiting schools around the world, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Denmark, and Mexico. The Expeditions Team brings complete kits with everything the teachers need to take their students on journeys anywhere.

Wesley was fortunate to benefit from this special adventure with Google Expeditions. Our students visited the Galapagos Islands and Greece, cruised underwater in the Great Barrier Reef, toured the city of Barcelona, explored life on the range, and walked on the moon. It was an amazing experience for the students and the teachers, and we look forward to continuing with this program in the future!

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