Service Learning

Service Learning facilitates student learning in and out of the classroom by encouraging and allowing our children to address real needs in the community. Students connect their educational experiences to life beyond the school environment by using their developing skills to undertake activities that include raising money and awareness, championing causes, and volunteering. They learn first-hand the value of social responsibility and citizenship.

Service learning is fully realized when both the providers and the recipients of the service benefit from the activities. Each grade level has adopted a meaningful project to which they can apply their problem-solving skills. Throughout the year, opportunities are provided for the students to reflect on their work and share their experiences with the community at large.

The class of 2024 running in the Annual Jog-a-thon to raise money for Service Learning

The class of 2022 with hand-made holiday activity bags for the children of the NoHo Interfaith Food Pantry

Middle School Students at an orphanage in Mexico made possible by their partnership with the organization Corazon de Vida

Kindergarten Service Learning Project
The Kindergarten Service Learning project will focus on the environment. They visit Tree People to learn about the importance of caring for trees, and take a field trip to Descanso Gardens where they learn how to use things in nature to make a nest.

1st Grade Service Learning Project
The 1st grade service learning project coincides with their signature project of researching endangered animals. Learning about endangered animals is integrated into the curriculum throughout the school year. The 1st graders also take a docent-led field trip to The Los Angeles Zoo, where they are introduced to endangered animals.

2nd Grade Service Learning Project
The 2nd Grade Service Learning project focuses on homelessness & hunger. They learn about the needs of the homeless and collaborate with the First United Methodist Church to supply sandwiches for the North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry. In addition, they learn where food comes from, how plants grow, focus on the farm-to-table movement, and visit Underwood Farms.

Second grade also learns about environmental changes, the life and significance of trees and the importance of environmental stewardship.

3rd Grade Service Learning Project
The 3rd Grade class supports the children of the Interfaith Food Pantry as part of their service learning this year. Twice a year, students create activity bags for children at the food pantry including coloring books, markers, stamps, stickers, and words of inspiration. They also create one for the holidays in December!

In addition, the 3rd Grade class supports The Gentle Barn. The Gentle Barn is an organization that rehabilitates abused and neglected farm animals and brings those animals together with kids.

4th Grade Service Learning Project
The 4th Grade Service Learning Project focuses on people with physical disabilities. The work with the organization Shane’s Inspiration, whose mission is to build accessible playgrounds for all to enjoy. They also work with other students with disabilities.

5th Grade Service Learning Project
The 5th Grade Service Learning Project focuses on global education equity. They work with The U.S. Fund for UNICEF who helps to provide supplies and educational opportunities for the world's most vulnerable children.

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Service Learning Project
6th - 8th grade supports Corazon de Vida, an organization in Mexico that gives orphaned and abandoned children the chance to thrive. The students make holiday cards and greetings for the children and the middle school faculty incorporate Corazon de Vida into their curriculums throughout the year. Some of the students have and will visit the orphanages to deliver supplies and good will.