Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is a unique opportunity for middle school students to tutor lower school students after school in order to obtain community service hours.

The heart of peer tutoring however lies within the friendship made between the two students. Middle school students serve as role models to the younger ones, working with them on self-esteem and character development. This happens organically as the two establish a relationship and create a connection.

Students work together once a week for thirty minutes after school and are assigned a special and safe spot on campus to sit and work. This space remains the same for a whole trimester. New partners are assigned about once every trimester.

Students work together on homework, reading, enrichment or anything that the lower school student might need a little extra help on. Peer tutoring is a fun and beneficial program for students of all ability levels.

Middle School Tutors - Click Here for Peer Tutoring Guidelines

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