Welcome to 6th Grade Music Theory & Appreciation

Welcome to Music Theory & Appreciation with Mr. Forest!!!

Music Theory and Appreciation - 6th Grade Trimester 1

Music Theory & Appreciation challenges students to consider music beyond entertainment. In class we explore opposing ends of the musical spectrum: from the tangible and measurable (by way of notation, structure and form), to the intangible and unmeasurable (the experiential and mystical way music affects and informs our feelings and experiences). Centered within the tension between these two polarities opens an expansive pathway of "music as a universal language." Music Theory and Appreciation is a course that walks this central pathway.

Social Emotional Learning, a pedagogy permeating much of the school’s curriculum, has some striking similarities to the ancient Greek philosophers’ approach to music in education. Plato wrote that through studying music children would “become more balanced, more capable in whatever they say or do, for rhythms and harmonious adjustment are essential to the whole of human life.” Aristotle added that music can influence one’s character for the better, that “emotions are good or bad as they are well-ordered or badly ordered. A good emotion is properly in check and contained. A bad emotion is too much or too little.” The course takes a look back to antiquity, to these philosophers and their discoveries around music.

Understanding and exploring music as a vast & mysterious universal language unlocks human potential and human possibilities. Listening to and playing music stimulates every part of the human brain while studying music strengthens the empathetic imagination. Here is what the students had to say about why they thought studying music was important:

“Knowing how music works can allow us to use music to overcome obstacles”

“Music can influence us in many ways, and some ways that we might not yet even imagine or comprehend.”

“Music can help you focus”

“Music can motivate you in other subjects”

“Physical arts are what connects the body to the mind, but music is what connects the mind to the soul.”

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