Welcome to 7th Grade Music & Sacred Geometry

Welcome to Music & Sacred Geometry with Mr. Forest!!!

Music and Sacred Geometry explores patterns, structures, and forms that exist in both music and nature. Taking a page from ancient Greek philosophy, the class connects music not only to math, astronomy, and our physical world, but also to a kind of ethos, or soul - something that transcends physicality and brings us into the realm of spirit.

Through identifying symbols, drawing harmony vis-a-vis 'sacred' geometry, and understanding the many ways music has been used throughout the ages in ritual, ceremony, and healing modalities, the class uncovers the intrinsic intelligence and power music provides us at many levels of our existence.

We attempt to explore to the depths the mystery schools of ancient Greece once did, finding connections between the Platonic solids, earth elements, our own Zodiac signs, and the ratios of the planets as a basis for our musical scale. Ultimately, the class is about connecting students to more of themselves, their essential nature and their music within, as well as to the nature, music, and world without through a lens of non-duality and oneness.

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The Flower of Life

The grid from which all shapes can be made.

circle of fifths music geometry

This image shows the relationship between musical intervals make.