The library strives to foster a love of reading within our school community by offering quality literature and reference resources for kindergarten through 8th graders at The Wesley School. Our librarian works closely with classroom teachers to provide appropriate resources to support ongoing curricula. Lower school students visit the library weekly for story time and special instruction. Middle school students utilize the library as an ongoing resource. The collection includes award winners, contemporary literature, and classics. The non-fiction resources support the curriculum studied in the classrooms.


Students must return or renew their books by the due date in order to check out additional books. The due date is stamped on the slip inside the front cover.

If a student has any overdue book(s) they may not check out additional books until the overdue book(s) are returned.

Every student has a Wesley library account and can log in using their username (first initial last name) and password (last name). From there they will see if they have any books checked out or if they are overdue. Students are able to renew their books once and can do so themselves if they are logged in.

Students who often have overdue books will be limited to one book until they demonstrate they can return one book on time.

Please help your student by encouraging them to keep their library books in their backpacks especially those students with two households.

Students are responsible for replacing books they lose or badly damage, either physically or by paying the replacement cost.

  • Kindergarteners may check out one book a week on their library day. It must be returned the next week in order for them to check out another.
  • 1st - 3rd may check out up to two books for one week. When a class project requires, they may check out additional books.
  • 4th and up may check out up to three books for two weeks.

Birthday Books

It has been a tradition during Community for students to bring a new book to donate to the library on their birthday.

After we sing "Happy Birthday," those with books, can stay up at the microphone, unwrap their books, and read the titles aloud.

Ms. O then takes the books to the library, adds name plates to each book to acknowledge the students who donated the books, and they instantly become part of the Wesley Library.

It's fun when students find a book with one of the birthday book name plates inside, and are able to see who gave it and how long ago.

Would you like to give a book to the library? Here's our Amazon Wishlist!