Lower School Music

Welcome to Lower School MUSIC!

Mrs. McGregor


Important dates

These are some upcoming moments - not to be missed!

September 28th - 4th grade will perform TITANIUM for Confidence Community.

October 17th is open house for Lower School and Allegra/Kasner Kinder. class will perform YOU CAN COUNT ON ME in Community!

On Wednesday - October 31st - 5th grade will dance and perform to THRILLER!

K - 5 Holiday Performance 12/20/18 at 7:00 p.m.

Office Hours

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I teach Kindergarten through 5th grade and this year we will be exploring a monthly composer series! In K-4th that series begins in the Renaissance period and takes us all the way through 21st century composers. In 5th grade we will be studying musical theatre, beginning with Irving Berlin and taking us to today with such names as L. M. Miranda and Pasek & Paul.

So, at the beginning of each month - ask your children what is new in music class! We will be exploring new sounds, new instruments and new names - TOGETHER!

We will also be touring the world through music and listening to music from many different instruments and countries.

Every week we will be discussing a different element of our musical language. Each class will then decide how the elements could be articulated in a song or a dance. Each class period will include singing, moving, reading, and listening.

Our HOLIDAY show will be a delight for everyone! Please mark the date and time - 12/20/18 at 7:00 p.m. Costume details to follow. Performances are the perfect place to reinforce elements learned in class as well as promoting a positive self-esteem!

Let's gear up for a really creative year and have a wonderful time!