Welcome to Scratch Animation & Advanced Technology

Welcome to Trimester 2 Middle School Technology Enrichment & Electives!! Scratch Animation is an enrichment class for 6th graders and Advanced Technology is an elective course for 7th graders.

In general, classes and projects are structured in the following way:

• When starting a new project, I will discuss what we are doing, give background and needed information, model the project with a hands-on example, take questions, and then the students will start work on his or her computer.

• During this time, I will monitor activities, answer questions, and help where needed. This portion of class is student-centered requiring critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

• If we are in the middle of a project, students will use the balance of class to work towards completion.

• As often as possible, I will give students two weeks to finish a project—one to practice, one to complete/save/export/print etc. This redundancy reinforces new skills and eliminates stress.

• Most importantly, we will be having fun while learning. This is one of the most important points I try to focus on. I have fun working on computers, the students should too.

Important dates
Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-4:00PM

Get in touch! I am available to any student or parent that may need my assistance or explanation on classroom guidelines and assignments. I can be reached by phone at (818) 508-4542 or by email at ckaitz@wesleyschool.org.