6th Grade Math & Science

Welcome to 6th Grade math and science!


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In 6th grade Science, the students assume the role of scientists as they explore life, physical, and earth sciences and their interconnections. They pursue a variety of hands-on lab activities and outdoor projects, culminating in an independent research study. Students learn accurate data recording procedures and making valuable analysis and conclusions from interpretation of their data results. Students are challenged to look for the “why" behind the facts and gain critical thinking skills.

In 6th grade Math, the curriculum is designed to strengthen students' basic math skills in preparation for higher level math courses. The students embark in a more involved, inquiry-based learning experience to help them overcome any pre-existing math phobias and to see the real-life value and fun of math. The emphasis is jointly on learning how to “do" math and striving to understand why it's done that way. A solid understanding of the math fundamentals are designed to prepare students for explorations in algebra, geometry, and beyond.

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~ Ms. Jenny Soriano

Week 3 Laboratory Experiment: Soil Analysis

Week 3 Laboratory Experiment: Soil Analysis

Week 2 Experiment: Investigating Relationship Between Height and Arm Span and Height and Foot Size