Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Mrs. Heneveld, Mrs. Cespedes, Ms. Brown, and Miss Anderson


Welcome to Third Grade!

Below, you will find what we are learning in the classroom and helpful links that you can use at home!

In Reading,

We are learning how to choose "Just Right Books," read with stamina - 'eyes to text reading', talk about books, read books like they're gold, and give ourselves comprehension checks as we read.

In Social Studies,

We are getting to know each other and ourselves in class at the start of the year. Then, we will begin exploring Our Community, important landmarks in our country, and map skills to help us read and interpret maps.

In Writing,

We are beginning to choose our seed ideas for publishing our personal narratives. We are learning that personal narratives are true stories about ourselves. We are also learning that they are a small "seed" moments, not big "watermelon" ideas!

Typing Pal:

In addition to writing, it is important to practice keyboarding at least once a week at home. You can find typing pal at the following website: https://typswesl.typingpal.com/connexion/ Your child has a username and password.

In order to practice spelling words at home with your child, here are some ideas for practicing spelling words!

Spelling Word Practice:

1. Spelling Memory –when a card is turned over, read the word, spell it, and read it again.

2. Vocabulary - Practice spelling words as also vocabulary words

3. Rainbow Writing Spell each word multiple times using a different color of the rainbow each time.

4. Spell by Syllables – For longer words, practice spelling by spelling by syllables. For example, the word elephant would be broken down into el-e-phant, spelling just one syllable at a time.

5. Sensory Words – Use a sensory material to write out spelling words. Shaving cream, salt, play dough, and cookie sprinkles are all super fun.

6. Write your words 3x each!

In Math,

We are learning a variety of concepts in Math at the start of the year. We are learning: rounding, estimating, finding the difference between two numbers on a 100's chart, telling time, finding elapsed time, comparing mass and weight, collecting data, learning multiplication/division strategies and concepts, and much more!

For Fact Fluency practice each week, please use the following apps, websites, and uploaded tests to practice math facts at home.

Fact Fluency Tests for Printing:

Addition Facts Test

Subtraction Facts Test

Addition and Subtraction Review Test

Multiplication Tests

Division Tests

Apps for Practice:

Splash Math

Lumio Farm Factor

Squeebles Maths Race

Crazy Times Tables

Thinking Blocks Multiplication

Sushi Monster

Quick Math

Operation Math

McGraw Hill- Everyday Math apps

Pet Bingo

Meerkat Math


-Beat the Calculator (Brain, Caller, Calculator)

-Multiplication Top-It (Use deck of cards, like “War”)

-Flash Cards (purchase premade sets or students can make their own)

Websites for Practice:

https://www.funbrain.com/grade/3, https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-3/multiplication-tables-up-to-12, http://www.adaptedmind.com/gradelist.php?grade=3, www.abcya.com, www.fun4thbrain.com, http://www.multiplication.com/games/all-games, https://www.mathplayground.com/index_multiplication_division.html, http://www.math-play.com/multiplication-games.html, www.mathabc.com

Flash Cards for Purchase:



Important dates
Hello FROM your 3rd grade ROOM PARENTS

Our 3rd Grade Room Parents this year are:

Aimee Schwimmer - Tanner's Mom; theaimees@yahoo.com

Lara Baronnet - Margot's Mom;


Jamie Koustas - Skyden's Mom;


Please feel free to reach out to them via email if you have any questions! They will be be sending emails monthly with important information regarding 3rd Grade!

Here are other important links for your information.

2018-2019 Homework Schedule and Homework Log for Spelling and Fact Fluency


Fact Fluency and Spelling Practice Family Letter & Ideas for Practice at Home


Cespedes Back to School Powerpoint


Heneveld Back to School Powerpoint