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The Wesley School has two sections per grade from Kindergarten through 8th grade. In lower school, the classroom teacher teaches the core subjects with the help of a Teaching Associate. Enrichment classes in computer, music, art, PE, and foreign language (Spanish) are taught by specialists in each area. 

Our Learning Expectations

By the time students graduate from The Wesley School, they are expected to:

Be literate in reading, math, science, and social studies and be well grounded in foreign language, art, music, computer technology, drama, speech, PE, and library skills.

Be able to demonstrate their ability to think at the highest level, to be competent problem solvers, and to work cooperatively.

Have developed effective skills in writing and public speaking.

Have developed effective social-emotional skills such as flexible thinking, problem solving, working with others, and managing their emotions.

Have developed physical skills, sportsmanship, cooperative and competitive team skills, and an interest in fitness and health.

Have an understanding of the beliefs and traditions of the major world religions.

Develop respect for themselves and others, take responsibility for their actions, and appreciate the diversity of race, color, and religion.

Have a clear understanding of the importance of and have extensive experience in giving service to the community.

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