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We believe our community is stronger and our program is more dynamic when we make diversity, equity, and inclusivity central commitments of our school. They enrich the lives of all our school constituents and deepen student learning -- helping children to become more creative and collaborative problem-solvers, empathetic friends, engaged citizens, and productive contributors to a global society.


  • Recruit and retain a diverse student body, faculty, staff, administration, and board of trustees, and set goals for the development of cultural proficiency in order to sustain an inclusive and equitable school program and community.
  • Ensure appropriate leadership of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in order to develop a multicultural curriculum and anti-bias pedagogy. Assess school-wide systems, programs, special events and rituals through an equity and justice lens.
  • Coordinate parent education and engagement to provide teacher-supported guidance to students, families, and colleagues when social, racial, socio-economic, gender, and/or learning difference issues arise.
  • Safeguard and earmark funds specifically to support programs and staff centered on diversity, equity, and inclusivity for all facets of the Wesley community.
  • Promote and refine existing CODI, PRIDE, and School of Character programs to ensure they are responsive to the needs of a diverse community, they enhance the whole school community’s sense of connection, and they increase greater attendance and participation at related special events.
  • Expand special training and workshops to develop students’ social and emotional development and cultural proficiency.
  • Evolve our community outreach and remain committed to a robust financial aid program geared towards mission-appropriate students from a range of socio/economic backgrounds.