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We champion a faculty that inspires our students to think critically and take ownership of their education. We empower our teachers to collaborate, innovate, and learn from emerging research and practice to further the principles of the Wesley mission.


  • Regularly evaluate the core curriculum and support teachers’ engagement with relevant research and professional learning to encourage the evolution of our program and a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Review and refine the school’s assessment strategies to ensure that our program cultivates not only content mastery but also creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thought, and cultural proficiency.
  • Enhance the school’s commitments to differentiated instruction and student engagement to ensure that teaching strategies celebrate students’ unique abilities, passions, and strengths.
  • Implement a system of peer observations for teachers and encourage cross-curricular collaboration to promote growth, refine teaching strategies, and strengthen professional culture.
  • Include teaching faculty in committees and task forces, and maintain open door access to administration in order to ensure that teacher voice and experience are appropriately represented in key institutional decisions.
  • Provide faculty the leadership, tools, resources, and support necessary to develop innovative, student-centered curricula to enhance their integration of educational technology and to deepen their cultural proficiency.
  • Recruit and retain exceptional faculty to maintain a minimal turnover rate and promote a vibrant professional culture.