2017-2022 Long Range Plan

Adopted by the Wesley School Board of Trustees, April 2017

The Wesley Mission
Academic Excellence and Character Development Within The Circle of Family

These past few years have been an exciting time of growth at The Wesley School. We’ve seen our campus expand and our population increase. We’ve seen our programs thrive under the stewardship of our talented and committed faculty. We’ve seen a more competitive applicant pool, an expanded sports program, and a deeper commitment to diversity and inclusivity. We’ve seen our graduating students forge out into the world with a strong sense of who they are and what they can contribute to the greater community.

As we look back on these accomplishments with pride, we must also look forward to the path ahead. An ongoing system of review and reflection is a key component of our success, which is why we create a new strategic plan every five years.

We assembled a committee of dedicated administrators, teachers, board members, and parents who met regularly throughout this past year to discuss and debate our future. We identified four strategic imperatives -- to Ignite, to Inspire, to Include, and to Invest – and built an action plan around these tenets; a plan rooted in the fundamentals of our mission with the goal of ensuring our continued success.

On behalf of The Wesley School, we are thrilled to present our Vision for the Future Plan 2017-2022. Please click here for a downloadable version.

  • Joey Campanella, Associate Head of School/Head of Middle School/Alumni Parent
  • Nicole DeLeon, Wesley Board Trustee/Current Parent
  • Verena Denove, Associate Head of School/Director of Admissions and Financial Aid/Alumni Parent
  • George Eleftheriades, Middle School English Teacher/Current Parent
  • Mimi Gazzale, Past Wesley Board Trustee/Past Wesley PA Chair/Alumni Parent
  • Noreen Halpern, Wesley Board Trustee/Current Parent
  • Kirsten Nielsen, Past Wesley PA Chair/Current Parent
  • Kevin Plunkett, Past Chair of the Wesley Board of Trustees/Current & Alumni Parent
  • Lee Siwek, Director of Student Services
  • Chris Thinnes, Head of Lower School
  • Melinda Vazquez, 1st Grade Teacher/Current Parent
  • John Walter, Previous Wesley Head of School