Message from the Head of School

As some of you know, I spent my first official week as Wesley’s Head of School attending the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) Institute for New Heads (INH) held in Atlanta. While there, I had the opportunity to meet and exchange information and ideas with other new, and current, Heads from around the country. One of the things that came up several times during INH was finding ways to showcase what is happening at our schools.  Although the importance of storytelling was not a surprise, and it was something that I had thought before attending the conference, having the opportunity to discuss the variety of ways that it can be done with other Heads of School definitely helped frame what might work for us at Wesley. It is important that the ways in which I choose to tell our story are organic and fun for me, as well as interesting, informative, and relatable to the community.  

I decided that one way that I will share what I am seeing at school is a Wesley Head of School Instagram account! So throughout the rest of the school year, I hope to offer opportunities for you to see Wesley through my eyes using the Wesley Head of School Instagram account - @wesleyheadofschool.  I will officially launch my “100 Days Campaign” on September 10th, but there are already a couple of pictures and short videos posted. If you are an Instagrammer or want a slightly different perspective of the school then join me on this social media journey!

Mr. Ernie Levroney III