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Head of School Search

The Wesley School has launched a search for a new Head of School with a projected start date of July 1, 2024. The Board of Trustees and Search Committee have been working diligently to set the stage for a successful process. Please return to this page for updates on our progress and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions to the Search Committee at

Our Search Committee
The Board has gathered a Search Committee composed of members of the Board of Trustees, faculty and administration, and parent body who are responsible for ensuring a thorough process, vetting potential candidates, and making a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for the final hiring decision.

Your Search Committee is:

  • Mike Natividad (Trustee, Board Treasurer, 4th grade parent, Search Committee Co-Chair)
  • Marissa Seeman (Trustee, Board Secretary, 1st and 6th grade parent, Search Committee Co-Chair)
  • Marla Simon (6th Grade Humanities Teacher, 5th/6th Grade Dean)
  • Melinda Vazquez (1st Grade Lead Teacher, Dean of Faculty, 7th grade parent)
  • Lindsey Drasin (Dir. of Communication/Assoc. Dir. of Admissions, 2nd grade parent)
  • Toi Bridges (Private School Village Parent Ambassador, 3th and 4th grade parent)
  • Lauren Brandenstein (Multicultural Potluck Chair, 2nd, 4th, 5th grade parent)
  • David Monahan (Trustee, Board Chair, 5th grade parent)
  • Jason Friedman (Trustee, Audit Committee Chair, 2nd grade parent)
  • Amy DiBianca (Trustee, CODI Connections Coordinator, 8th grade parent)

While the committee will uphold the confidentiality of our candidates, we have dedicated ourselves to a transparent and inclusive process and welcome your thoughts, questions, and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out to us at:

Search Consultants
The Board of Trustees has retained the firm Carney, Sandoe & Associates (CS&A) to guide our community through the process. CS&A is an internationally recognized education search and recruitment, consulting, and coaching firm. They possess a deep knowledge of independent schools from more than 45 years of experience guiding schools through their searches for exceptional heads of school, senior administrators, and faculty. Carney Sandoe is known for its highly personalized approach to understanding the particular strengths, needs, and cultures of schools and then supporting them through the identification, recruitment, and hiring of excellent leaders, whose skills and experiences align with the school’s needs. Please find more information about CS&A HERE.

The two CS&A consultants working with us are Cathy Shelburne and Peter Barrett.


The Search Process
CS&A and the Search Committee will launch a national search for our next Head of School, and we expect this position will attract a talented pool of candidates. Over the next several months, the committee will screen and meet with potential candidates. While the process must be responsive to new data and the competitive nature of the candidate pool, the committee expects to identify select finalists who will visit Wesley and engage with all constituents in early 2024. After those visits, the Search Committee will make a hiring recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Upcoming Community Feedback Opportunities:

  • Parent Panel with CS&A consultants on Tuesday, 9/26. COMPLETED.
  • Community Survey – CLOSED on Friday, 10/6.

Important Communications:

Search Timeline