Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Wesley School changing its direction?

The diverse community and inclusive culture of Wesley are two of the most beloved characteristics of our school. In seeking a new Head of School, we do not intend to change the culture of the school or its direction. As Wesley celebrates its 20th year, the school must continue to improve its existing programs, refine its curricular and extra-curricular offerings, and provide continuing professional development to our teachers so they can discover new and better ways to educate our children. The new Head of School will be expected to preserve the existing culture and unique spirit of the school while helping to sustain and improve the quality and value of a Wesley School education. The Head of School is changing; the underlying mission and direction of the school will stay the same.

How will the Head of School search impact my child, my family and our community?

We recognize that change may bring about feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Change also brings great opportunity for fresh perspectives and new experiences. We are dedicated to ensuring that the new Head of School embodies the core values and spirit that has existed at Wesley for 20 years, through four different Heads of School and many generations of students. We believe that it is actually the Wesley community, comprised of parents, students, teachers and administrators together, that creates and sustains the environment within which our children thrive. The new Head of School will be expected to uphold and build upon our history and culture, enhance our strengths, and refocus the school’s mission to further our shared goal of academic excellence and character development within the circle of family.

What is the timeline for the search?

The Board of Trustees is responsible for hiring the next Head of School. The Search Committee will review, research and consider applications from interested parties over the next few months. We anticipate asking three finalists to visit the school in April 2019 for in-person interviews and meetings with members of the Wesley community. There will be open parent meetings with the three finalists at this time. After the April final review, the Search Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees to hire the next Head of School at Wesley. We would like the chosen candidate to begin work at Wesley on July 1, 2019.

While we hope to identify a new Head of School by our target date, in the event that no suitable candidate is found by May 2019, an interim Head of School will be appointed and the search will continue.

How have faculty and parents been involved in the search, and how will members of the Wesley community continue to be involved throughout the process moving forward?

To date, we have held a series of well-attended meetings with our search team RG175 (Resource Group 175), led by principals Tom Hudnut and Debbie Reed. These gatherings were held to inform parents and faculty about the nature and timing of the search process. With input from attendees at these meetings, we gained valuable insight about what people would like to see improved upon at the school, as well as what is working and vital to maintain as we evolve and improve. Tom and Debbie also interviewed a number of Wesley’s administrators and members of the faculty and Board to learn further information. Lastly, a survey was sent to the entire Wesley community for additional feedback to be gathered and reviewed in order to help inform our search.

We continue to seek input from all interested parties. To that end, we have set up an e-mail address ( for you to communicate directly with the Search Committee. We encourage you to submit your comments, questions, opinions and ideas. Your feedback matters, and we greatly appreciate your continuing participation.

In addition, members of the Search Committee and the Board will make themselves available to you directly should you wish to discuss the matter privately. You may reach out to any member of the Search Committee or Board of Trustees via email by clicking HERE.