Conversations With Julie Galles

Dear Wesley Family and Friends,

What a winter! Just when we thought we would be able to open up more, along came Omicron and had us retreating to stricter protocols for the start of the New Year. However, we are once again emerging from under the shadow of COVID and have been so excited to release the outdoor masking requirement and welcome parents back to campus in greater numbers.

Some of the most noteworthy accomplishments over the past few months have been due to the amazing generosity of the Wesley community. Our 100 Days of Giving Annual Fund campaign was wildly successful, not only smashing through Annual Fund records in terms of dollars raised, but also reaching an extremely uncommon full 100% parent participation. I am grateful and inspired by everyone who supported the school in this manner. Our famous Teacher Outings enjoyed similar singular success, raising significantly more than in previous years and reinforcing the strength of our students’ connections with their school adults. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead with our Spring Gala on May 21st!

Our students have been hard at work exhibiting their generosity as well. Many students participated in our recent “Bake for Better” project, sending in home baked goods for distribution through our partner organization, the North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry. In addition, hundreds of notes and cards of appreciation were sent to front-line health care workers in a local emergency room. Through both of these projects, Wesley students develop a greater awareness of their own blessings and a greater sense of our responsibility to others.

Now, as the trees in the Fountain Courtyard start to bloom once more and the Kindergarteners help us celebrate the 100th Day of School, we sense the impending arrival of spring. With it come new adventures, such as the possibility of field trips, celebrating all students together for in-person Community again, and the 8th graders’ anticipation of the London Trip. Thank you for being part of the Wesley Circle of Family and making Wesley’s community and connections stronger than ever!

Continuing our Year of Discovery,

Julie Galles
Interim Head of School