Conversations With Julie Galles

Dear Wesley Families - 


From the Latin ‘con’ meaning together and ‘nectere’ meaning to bind. Literally, ‘to be bound together.’ 

This is how I started my last newsletter article back in September, and it’s so important to continue returning to it as we move through this most challenging year. We remain bound together in this unique situation created by the pandemic, even as each family and individual lives their own version of how that plays out for them. As a speaker I heard recently stated, we are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm. A storm that, unfortunately, keeps raging and bringing new hurdles to overcome.

And yet, throughout the storm of this fall, the Wesley community has stayed connected in some remarkable ways. Children and teachers have formed strong and productive relationships even through our distance learning platform. Teaching teams have collaborated over new technology and new teaching techniques to increase engagement across screens. Parents have connected with each other at parent coffees, virtual potlucks, and other fun events like poker nights or cooking classes. And the entire community has enjoyed drive through celebrations for Halloween and, more recently, the winter holidays.

As we look forward to widespread distribution of the new vaccine in the coming months and the slow but inevitable re-emergence of life as we used to know it, we also continue to model grace and resilience for our children and for each other. Children and adults alike still wrestle with frustration, sadness, and loss. However, the joy on the faces of students returning to school, even in limited fashion, uplifts us all. The flexibility and creativity of teachers, repeatedly reinventing their curriculum, inspires us and reminds us of what is possible. Increased time with family in our own households can present its own challenges, but also provides opportunity to bond and share in new ways.

We have enjoyed some wonderful successes in the past few months, including moving student-generated Community presentations and our Middle School Mock Trial team championship. Our Kindergarteners are writing books and our 8th graders are impressing high school admissions offices. Together, we are reassured that this storm will ultimately pass and that we are stronger together. I could not ask for better traveling companions!

In connection, 

Julie Galles
Interim Head of School