Conversations With Julie Galles

Dear Wesley Community,

As I begin my second school year with Wesley, I cannot help but look both backward and forward. We spent the last twelve months focusing on connection, even in the midst of the most disrupted year many of us have ever experienced. It is truly a testimony to the strength of the Wesley spirit that we have weathered this storm as well as we have.

Even though the storm is not over and we continue to have protective measures in place, we celebrate that children can return to campus full time this fall. As I considered a new theme for this year, I kept returning to the joy of learning, the delight in making new friends, and the satisfaction of completing tasks we had not been able to do before. Therefore, I have chosen this year’s theme of Discovery to highlight the excitement and wonder that education should embody.

Throughout this newsletter, you will find opportunities for discovery - from learning about our talented new faculty and staff members to a new section called "The Dean’s Den," which reflects our updated distributed leadership structure. You will also read of the fun and discovery that happened in our revamped summer programming, and be invited to discover the camaraderie and connection found through participating in parent opportunities such as our CODI group or our Parents’ Association.

We also embark on self-discovery this year as a school institution, as we complete the self-study required for our accreditation process through the California Association of Independent Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. In learning more about ourselves, our mission, our areas of growth, and our aspirations, we become a stronger and more focused community. Additionally, our faculty and staff will continue to pursue professional development and we hope to offer educational opportunities to parents as well. In this way, Wesley will remain a learning community at all levels and we can enjoy the many journeys of discovery together.

Thank you for your involvement in our special school, and I look forward to connecting with and discovering more about each of you this year!

Julie Galles
Interim Head of School