Board Committees

The Capital Campaign Committee:
The Capital Campaign Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees that is charged with leading the primary fundraising efforts to cover construction costs for new buildings and campus renovations.

The Community for Diversity and Inclusivity (CODI): Bertha Muñoz, Chair
The Community for Diversity and Inclusivity ensures that the Board promotes diversity as it formulates all policies and plans at the School. CODI works closely with the Head of School and Administration to support diversity initiatives in curriculum and programs. The committee assists in the formulation of diversity policies at the School. CODI members include Trustees, non-Trustees, and members of the Administration and Faculty.

The Committee on Trustees: Nicole DeLeon-Hoover, Chair
The Committee on Trustees consists of the Board Chair, the Vice Chair and four other Trustees. The Head of School is an ex-officio member. The Vice Chair of the Board serves as committee chair. After thoughtful consideration and review, the committee submits to the Board names of people nominated for election as Trustees and as officers of the Corporation and the School.

The Development Committee: Brendon Blincoe, Chair
The Development Committee oversees the fund raising program and leads the Board in its effort to attract philanthropic support to carry out Wesley's mission. The Committee helps to foster a culture of giving at Wesley by supporting the activities of the Development Office. Members chair fundraising initiatives and act as ambassadors for the School's development efforts. They represent a broad range of Wesley constituents including Board members, current parents, and one of the Parents' Association co-Presidents.

The Executive Committee: Scott Ault, Nicole DeLeon-Hoover, David Hookom, John Walter, and Alex Young
The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Board and shall exercise such powers and authority of the Board in the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation, except the power to adopt, amend or repeal the Bylaws or taking any other action which has been specifically reserved to the Board of Trustees, as may be delegated to it by the Board.

The Finance Committee: Alex Young, Chair
The Finance Committee provides oversight of the financial affairs of the School and makes recommendations to the Board regarding operating and capital budgets, salaries, tuition, and other business affairs. The Treasurer of the Board serves as Committee chair. The Finance Committee has the following standing subcommittees:

The Building and Grounds Subcommittee supervises the design, construction and maintenance of all buildings and facilities, and the improvement and maintenance of the grounds under the supervision of the Finance Committee and in cooperation with the Head of School. This subcommittee reports to the Finance Committee and, if requested by the Finance Committee, directly to the Board of Trustees.

The Investment Subcommittee regularly reviews and revises as needed, the School's investment policy and guidelines and reports to the Finance Committee on the performance of the School's endowment and any other investments made by the School. The Investment Subcommittee is chaired by a member of the Finance Committee.

Master Planning Group (MPG): Alain Yotnegparian, Chair
This ad hoc Board-level Committee is charged with creating a master-planning structure to ensure that Wesley's future development is thoroughly planned and implemented. It guides, inspires, coordinates, and supports the various task forces within their committee: Advancement, Community Relations, Facilities, Finance, and Program.