Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the steward of Wesley's future. The Board appoints the Head of School who is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The Board's primary areas of focus include: establishing broad-ranging policies for the administration to implement, overseeing the growth and management of the School's financial resources, and ensuring that the School's mission is upheld and fulfilled.

Up to 23 members of the Board may serve as voting members. The Head of School serves as a non-voting member. Identifying and selecting nominees is a long and careful process coordinated by the standing Committee on Trustees. Members are selected based on their areas of expertise and proficiency in regards to areas of importance and the needs of the School. Trustees are selected from the parent body, as well from the greater community.

The Board fulfills its responsibilities through the involvement and ongoing work of committees.



David Monahan
(3rd Grade Parent)
Paolo Velasco
(Alumni, 7th, 4th, & 2nd Grade Parent)

Brendon Blincoe
(7th Grade Parent)

Alex Young, Treasurer
(8th Grade Parent)
Scott Ault
(Alumni Parent)
John Aquino
(7th Grade Parent)

Elena Blue-Blum
(Alumni Parent)

Jenny Hollier
(8th & 4th Grade Parent)
David Hookom
(Alumni & 6th Grade Parent)
Thordis Howard
(1st Grade Parent)
Norman Kelsey
(Church Delegate)
Gary Kirkpatrick
(6th Grade Parent)
Jackie Lay
(4th Grade Parent)
Bertha Muñoz
(6th Grade Parent)
Mike Natividad
(2nd Grade Parent)
Eddie O'Flaherty
(8th & 5th Grade Parent)
Alan Waldman
(5th & 2nd Grade Parent)