LEAP - Lions Extended After-school Program

Parents can take advantage of enrolling their children in LEAP knowing that their children are well taken care of by a small staff of caring adults who know and love our Wesley students. The Program is held every day after school until 6:00pm.

After taking a break and having an after-school snack, students have 30 minutes of supervised study hall during which they complete their homework with the assistance of program staff, if necessary. Students then participate in a variety of optional structured and unstructured activities designed to further their academic, social, and emotional development. Parents can sign their children up for LEAP for the entire year, or on a daily drop-in basis as needed.

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance. For that reason, please take note of the following rules and procedures established to keep everyone safe.

Every student must sign in and out with the LEAP staff. It is important for us to know who is on campus and where everyone is at all times.

Please make sure that those authorized to pick up your child bring a photo ID until we are familiar with them. If someone other than a person listed on your child's release form is picking your child up, you must call the main office to give permission. Additionally, please instruct that person to bring a photo I.D. We take our responsibility seriously, and, while it may seem inconvenient, we do it to protect your children.

Security is on premises until 6:00pm.

On those rare rainy or cold days, LEAP will take place indoors.

The per-day charge for LEAP is $12.00. There is the option to purchase "unlimited" participation. Please check with the main office if you are interested in this option. A late fee will be charged if your child is picked up after 6:00pm.

The LEAP cell phone number is (818) 281-6231.

We encourage you to come by after school to meet our staff and see what our students are up to.

Mike Funt
Director, LEAP
(818) 281-6231

Liz Anderson and Lindsey Stevens
LEAP Staff

Brian Harris
(818) 877-5717

Jodie Belz, Olivia Brown, Andrew Dinh, Barbara Goelman, Evelyn Lemus, Rachel Mottaz, Nailah Robinson, and Jordan Zehner
Instructional Assistants

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