Chapel Program

You might be wondering why a non-parochial, interfaith school holds chapel. Chapel, while housed in a church sanctuary, is not a religious service. Rather, it is a time for inclusivity and togetherness—a time to take comfort in our unity while celebrating our differences.

Three times a week, we come together as a whole school to build community, learn lessons, tackle difficult questions, and share experiences. Three times a week, we are connected.

When you join us for chapel, don’t be surprised if you see a student, parent, or teacher leading a values-based discussion on a monthly theme or if a kindergartener talks about the importance of friendship.

Other times, you might find the 8th graders imparting what they now know about the Democratic Republic of the Congo or the 3rd grade class retelling a story of Native American lore. On Mondays our friends from the First United Methodist Church lead chapel and generally focus on the theme of the month. They approach chapel from a very inclusive perspective, respecting and honoring all religions. While the format is different each time, one thing remains unchanged—chapel is a collective experience. From birthday celebrations to musical performances, it’s something we all share. What you feel, whether spiritually uplifted or moved to laughter or tears, is entirely up to you, but we trust you’ll feel what draws us all together. Come and experience chapel for yourself. Come be inspired.

Click here to view our full chapel calendar in detail.

Click here to see videos of chapels so far this year.

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